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Monday, 8 April 2019

Types of Different Belgian Candy Sugars Used in Malting Process - Jean-Louis Dourcy

Belgian Candi Sugar constitutes the stronger beers such as the tripel and dubbed. It is accounted as an invert sugar type and is obtained by mixing sucrose, glucose, and fructose and heating with acid and water. It ideally boosts the alcohol content in beer, without adding any additional beer body. It used for Belgium beers and comes in many colors ranging from light to dark. Candy sugar is essentially sucrose and its production is similar to the rock candy that involves the gradual crystallization of the saturated sugar solution. The dark candy sugar is often caramelized prior to its crystallization.

The Belgian Beers
The Belgian beers like a tripel and the golden strong are known for possessing a few unique phenols and esters when compared to the brewing process from different regions. According to the Jean-Louis Dourcy, Breweries usually add the addition of sugar to the boiling wort in order to achieve the quality buzz-building of the drink.

The types of Belgian Candi as presented by Chronique de Jean Louis Dourcy:

The Dark Belgian Candi: The dark candy is used chiefly for the authentic Belgian beer styles. They are gaining immense popularity for many different types of the malting process. It enhances the gravity of the beer, without increasing the dryness, the alcohol content and the sweetness of the beer. Candi syrups facilitate foam retention and relent a smooth taste and a velvet aroma. Using Belgian candy syrups can add these traits in all styles of beer. The dark candy sugar imparts a flavor of the caramel, raisins, and burnt sugar. The color of the dark candy sugar is derived from the roasted malts but do not have the coffee-like aroma notes.

Amber Candi Syrup: It is a dark-amber Belgian candy syrup that is partly translucent. It has hints of toffee, vanilla, caramel, and a tie of a light toast bread flavor. This is also used for malting beers that want to be characterized by caramel aroma. It consists of fructose, glucose, carbohydrates, and sucrose. It is used in golden ale’s and brown ale’s, which need the light toffee velvety aroma and subtle flavor.

Light Candi Sugar: The light candy does not impart any significant flavor to the beer. Hence, it is suitable for pale beers such as Belgian Blond Ales and Saisons. Adding the light candy sugar imparts a less malty or sugary flavor and enhances the taste of the beer.

Jean-Louis Dourcy, General Manager at Castle Malting says, “the Château malts by Castle Malting are successfully exported to more than 2700 brewers in 146 countries worldwide.” In brief, the beers derived from the Belgian candy sugar have high alcohol content with a smooth drinkability, as per Jean-Louis Dourcy review. The candy sugar is obtained as a by-product in the sugar-crystallization. These crystals are either light or dark and used to make the famous Belgian style beers.

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