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Tuesday, 21 May 2019

Forbidden Fruit Beer or Fruit Beer - Which one is a Good Choice?

Beer is a beverage, which has been in existence for a very long time and it is the third most consumed beverage, the top two being water and tea. It is commonly brewed from malted barley, but wheat, rice, and maize are also known as some of the sources for the brewed beverage. The beer is a product of the fermentation process during which ethanol is produced along with the resultant carbonation.

Additional flavors in the form of fruits or herbs may be added to the beer during the fermentation process. There is a wide variety of such customized beers that you can get from the specialized breweries. Two of these special customizations are those of fruit beer and forbidden fruit beer.

According to Jean-Louis Dourcy the two are very similar in the processing but are different in terms of the ingredients used. The fruit typically used in a fruit beer are strawberries, raspberries, cherries, elderberries, and blueberries. The forbidden fruit beer has an additional malt, different hops as well as fermenting agent as compared to the fruit beer variant. As a result, the feel and experience of the two are very different. The forbidden fruit beer has higher gravity and alcohol content and also a richer color. Both beers fare equally in terms of bitterness. 

While fruit beer has a balanced fruity flavor enough to tantalize the mind, the balance of flavors of the forbidden fruit beer is accompanied by a spicy herbal scent. Jean-Louis Dourcy Review gives an insight into the different aspects of the two and helps you to judge which of the two would be more suitable for you. On your part, you need to choose the flavors that suit your palate – fruity or spicy. Both are comparable on quality as they go through very similar processing in the Belgian breweries.

Jean-Louis Dourcy, as the General Manager at Castle Malting, manages a wonderful team of brewers that come up with new recipes of high-quality beers. There have been some great products that have been introduced in the market, thanks to these innovations. The products vary on the parameters that determine the quality of a beer and provide the beer drinkers with options to choose from.
In the Chronique de Jean-Louis Dourcy, you will be able to see the various products reviewed by the general manager himself. You will also be able to access the explanation of the various processes that are involved in brewing.

You will be able to gain guidance to the process of brewing the special beers like forbidden fruit beer, which will enable you to brew them on your own. 
Brewing is an art, which requires years of practice to become an expert and to be able to brew your own blends and variants. The two flavored beers discussed here are an example of the excellent craftsmanship of the team of brewers at work in Castle Malting.

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