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Monday, 13 May 2019

Taste the 2019's Trending Beer Recipes with Jean-Louis Dourcy

It is said that beer happens to be French wine for Belgians, and they consume it extensively with formal meals and to relax at the end of a hectic day. Offering a wide variety of beers, Belgium has an unmatched brewing heritage. Innovation, as well as respect for tradition, is what makes Belgian beer stand out from the rest. One of the oldest malting plants in the country is Malterie du château. The extensive knowledge and vast experience of Jean-Louis Dourcy, Managing Director at Château Malterie, is one of the major reasons for their popularity. Chronique de Jean-Louis Dourcy discusses 2019’s most trending beer recipes:-
  1. 4 Cereals Beer
  2. Belgian-Style IPA
  3. Belgian Wheat Beer
A.) 4 Cereals Beer- This beer is a soft variety with a bitter yet pleasant after-taste. It is thirst-quenching because of the acid note in it that gives a warm after-taste. It carries a malty aroma of baked bread, biscuit as well as cereal. It has a fruity flavor, overall floral and mildly herbal feel to it.
According to a Jean-Louis Dourcy this beer requires a fermentation temperature of 27 degrees Celsius. Jean-Louis advises using Château Pilsen 2RS, Château Spelt Malt, Château Oat Malt and lastly Château Wheat Blanc for brewing this beer. Hops can include Perle, Cascade, Aramis and Saaz with Safale BE-256. Boiling duration of 95 mins and fermentation at 27 degrees Celsius will give this beer the perfect texture.

B.) Belgian-Style IPA- This variety of beer contains Belgian yeast strains and the hops employed are generally American. There is clean bitterness with a dry edge. Overall, it is a complex, spicy and fruity variation carrying the character of Belgian Strong Pale Ales. Alcohol volume can be on the higher side. Some of the makes tend to be cloudy with overall excellent head retention. The ingredients include Château Pilsen 2RS, Château Munich Light and Château Abbey. Expert Jean-Louis Dourcy Review says that while preparing this beer variety, original gravity should be ranging in between 14 and 16-degrees PL. Alcohol content can range from 6% to 7%. For Hops, it is best to include Fuggles, East Kent Goldings, and Willamette in equal proportions along with Safale S-04. For filtration, separate the wort from the spent grain with water at 75°C. Boil for 90 mins and ferment at 23 degrees Celsius.

C.) Belgian Wheat Beer- Also known as white beer, it has traditionally been considered to be a summer drink. Usually consumed as an aperitif along with a slice of lemon or even orange, the beer is top-fermented and has a larger proportion of wheat in comparison to barley. This unfiltered variety is usually pale and cloudy in looks because of the high wheat content. The addition of spices and herbs add to the special taste. The ingredients include Château Pilsen 2RS and Château Wheat Blanc. A combination of Magnum and Styrian Golding can work for the hops. The yeast used is Safbrew WB-06. For the right zing, use spices like bitter orange peel, coriander, and cumin. Boiling for an hour and a half. Fermentation at 20 degrees Celsius and then a rise in temperature to 24 with a day’s rest, will form the perfect brew.

At Castle Malting, Jean-Louis Dourcy has tied up with 146 countries for Belgian beer exports. The amazing taste of the beers can be had across the world. It is his focus on innovation, and with spices and flavors that add to the popularity of the beers.  Belgian beer making is considered an art and Jean-Louis Dourcy is nothing less than an artist with his unique techniques.

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